Life is an echo (By Nur Haji Hiiray)

I came out from a sun set prayer or maqrib prayer. As I have been walking on the road, I accosted a boy who used to do the call for prayer (Adan) at a mosque in our vicinity. He quit that job and took the short cut of life.

Life has got two paths- the short cut path and the path of struggle. I am not talking about hereafter, that path of life after death our prophet peace be upon him made it clear to us. What I am actually talking about is the life of the world we are living in.

One day a farmer was carrying worms. A bird on a tree asked where he was going to, the farmer told it that he was selling these worms in exchange of feathers. The bird told the farmer “I need these worms and I can give you some of my feathers”, so they exchanged. The same thing happened the following days, until the bird finished all its feathers and could not fly and hunt anymore. As a result, the bird died because it took the short cut path to obtain food, so it paid the prize.

A sheikh was talking about the provision. He said Allah provides everyone his provision. The sheikh gave an example, your provision is like a store, which has got two doors, so one door is written permissible ( Hallaal ) and the other door is written forbidden (Haram), so it is up to you to choose which door you are entering, but what is inside the store is yours, except the choice that have been given to you, is which door you are going to enter in order to obtain, what is inside the store.

A child quarreled with his mother and run away to the valley. While in the valley, he said I hate you, I hate you. The child heard the same echo and run again to his mother’s lap, and he told her what has happened. The mother understood and told the child to go back the valley and say I love you, I love you. He did and received the same echo. Life is like that, As ye sow, so shall ye reap.

These three episodes indicate which path to take, the short cut or the path of struggle. If you choose  the short cut, keep in mind you will pay the prize sooner or later, so it’s up to you which path you are going to take.  Don’t blame anybody, just blame yourself for the outcome of your path or the harvest you reap, because what you sowed you will reap, life is like an echo.

Nur Haji Hiiray

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