My Point On the ongoing Elections dispute (By: Dr. Abdikarim Hassen)

The opposition, whether organised as parties or independent individuals is essential for democracy. They are part of the state agencies; they complement the government by scrutinising its actions and decisions.
They closely inspect how national development strategies are implemented and how public needs and necessities are prioritised.

The government should acknowledge their role and cooperate with them on the issues that have significant public interest.

Issues that require the opposition parties contribution and approval.
If not given their rightly deserved capacity to Participate in the political sphere, they can vindictively stifle the political climate by creating stumbling obstacles for the progress of the government.

They can stir unnecessary political commotion and instability that consumes a lot of time and resources from the government to quench.

However, during a political stalemate, the government should have soft power; persuasion tools to nudge the leaders of the political parties towards compromise.

The government should have the means to put a subtle dramatic intervention in action to make the leaders aware of their shaky platform
In political competitions, parity leads to instability and constant friction. Somaliland is a presidential state, and that fact should have a clear reflection on the way the debate between the government and the opposition parties is conducted.

The two parties leaders should realise that for any unnecessary confrontation they instigate, there will be a political price to be paid.

Whether the current government is shrewd enough and capable of exercising such influencing tactics on the parties, to bring about a breakthrough in the ongoing dispute, is yet to be seen.