Nation in chaos (By: Nour Haji Hiiray)


The nation in chaos does not know what is right and what is wrong, they can’t differentiate it, because this is the way they have been conditioned. All nations got a scale to balance the life events, and those are the scales they use; nationality, religion, tribe, color etc, but nation in chaos, they have no scale at all, whether religion, nationality, tribe, color etc, they lose all scale of life, they are having nothing; they are empty handed, because they are in chaos.

The nation in chaos are hypocrites, backbiters, cheaters, gossipmongers, spies, Albert Einstein was quoted saying (intelligent people discuss ideas and dumb people talk about other people), the nation in chaos are chameleons etc. They only care their stomach and who fills for it.  They are short sighted; they see the events but don’t think about the causes of the events. What a nation they are.

Nation in chaos, elders of a mosque were talking about youth, who come in the mosque in the middle of the night, those elders were discussing that issue, how to stop such a youth. Those elders also harass the others, who come for the mosque to be steadfast and purify their souls.  I bewildered for those elders, what they wanted, they harass both, those seeking to be steadfast as well those transgress.  What a nation they are.

Nation in chaos are doomed ultimately because they don’t deserve for life, they are a disgraced nation, because of they lose all dignity, they have got no integrity at all, to leave in such a place or nation you must be a chameleon, otherwise, you will have a hard time.

Nur Haji Hiiray