Somalia Expulsion of UN Envoy Driven By Hidden Agenda – Amb Bashe Awil

The Somaliland government has expressed concern over the decision by the Somali government to expel the United Nations chief envoy to Somalia Nicholas Haysom.

Somaliland envoy to Kenya Omar Bashe says the move is a scheme to scuttle talks to have the independence of Somaliland recognized internationally.

In statement, Somaliland government said it is fully committed to working with the UN, “and further would like to make it clear that the decision of the Somali Federal government have nothing to do with Somaliland.”“The Somaliland government has always held that any activities of the Somali Federal government are its own internal affairs and have no relevance to Somaliland.” The statement indicated.

“The Somaliland government appreciate the great efforts of the United Nations in the fields of humanitarian (assistance), and development.

”The Somaliland government congratulated Haysom for his effortless work with regard to mediating between Somaliland and Somalia.“

“Finally, the Somaliland government believes that the decision to expel the UN envoy Mr Nicholas Haysom is driven by a hidden agenda that may have negative consequences for the region”.

In his statement, Ambassador Bashe said Somaliland remained committed to talks aimed at bringing a lasting solution in the Horn of Africa where Somaliland has been pushing for international recognition.

“The United Nations and Ambassador Haysom had initiated talks aimed at solving the impasse. The decision by Somali government is a scheme to frustrate the talks. Our resolve remains clear, we will work with the international community to solve issues at the Horn of Africa,” said Bashe.

Bashe stated: “It is with utter dismay to learn of the action by the Somali government in declaring United Nations envoy Nickolas Haysom persona non grata in the country.”

“As a diplomat of Somaliland and having worked in several countries, I find the action going against international practice and condemn it,” he added.

“We in Somaliland are not party to the move and will continue working with the United Nations and its representatives from top level to the lower level.“Somalia has made its independent decision and as Somaliland, we are not party to that. We are not part of Somalia. ”

“It is very unfortunate that Somalia has taken such a punitive action at a time when the talks between Somaliland and Somalia set to resume in South Africa.”

“It is a clear indication that Somali government is out to frustrate and scuttle any efforts by the international community and the United Nations to resolve the impasse between Somaliland and Somalia.”

“Our position remains clear as Somaliland, we shall work with the United Nations in the mission to solve the issues in the Somali region.”

“Somalia will not frustrate any efforts by Somaliland to gain international recognition by fighting UN representatives assigned to this region.”

Bashe said the United Nations has played a massive role in helping the horn of nations especially on humanitarian issues.

“UN leadership in Geneva and New York saw it wise to appoint Nickolas Haysom as its representative to Somali region and it beats logic to declare him persona non grata,” Bashe said.

Feature Photo: Ambassador Bashe (centre) with President Musa Bihi and Ex-President Ahmed Siilaanyo of Somaliland.