Waddani ‘Leader’ Releases a 6-Point Proposal Which Opposes Time Set For Parliamentary Elections

The ‘Leader’ of Waddani opposition party, Hersi Ali Haj Hassan, released, Wednesday, a six-point proposal which appears to be a fresh set of hurdles opposing the time set for the forthcoming Somaliland parliament elections.

The Leader, who is, incidentally, neither the Chairman nor the Vice Chairman, stated in his press release that elections were not possible unless the areas he outlined were adequately attended to.

Mr Hersi said it was imperative that immediate, national action be taken on proposed areas for elections to happen.

The press release underlines:

  1. A new Commission that has the full support of all stakeholders must be instated
  2. Seats allocation ought to be equitably resolved
  3. Election budget need be drawn and settled long before the election is held
  4. Commensurate parliamentary election bills must be passed, ratified and enacted
  5. Adequate consideration be accorded minorities and women and their quotas ensured
  6. The Guurti (Upper House) must set a date on municipal council elections whose tern in office is drawing to an end

except for the first, Commission-related point, the rest seem to go against the grain of how the party Chairman, Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi ‘Irro’, welcomed the time set for the elections on Monday.

Points 2, 3, and 4 alone have the potential to drag on for years before they are adequately resolved – if at all.

The Somaliland Guurti House set the date for parliamentary elections on 12 December 2019, extending the term of incumbent parliament to a month after the elections to give time to release of results as mandated.

Leaders of the three national parties all voiced approval one way or the other. That, perhaps, explains the consternation felt on politicization of the latest set of conditions making observers wonder if Waddani was, indeed, a party unified in outlook and not of several divergent camps.

Source:- Somtribune