10 foods confuse your digestive system and couses you gastric and heart-burn (By: Dr. Faten Ali)

10 foods confuse your digestive system and couses you gastric and heart-burn.

Try to keep away from them!You need to reduce the amounts of food that are difficult to digest and cause intestinal infections .Herel is a list of meals that are difficult to digest or take longer, causing problems that can be avoided as follows:

1 – fried foodsThey are high in fat and can cause diarrhea.

Fat sauces, meat and fatty sweets can also cause problems. Experts are advised to choose grilled or baked foods and light sauces containing vegetables instead of butter or cream.

2. Citrus fruits Because they are rich in fiber, they can cause some people stomach upset. Experts believe it is preferable to replace oranges, grapefruit, and other acidic fruits if they are a source of trouble.

3 – Industrial sugarChewing lots of sugar-free gum made of sorbitol may cause confusion in digestion. The same applies to foods sweetened with sorbitol. The US Food and Drug Administration warns that eating 50 grams or more sorbitol per day may cause problems with digestion.

4. CarbohydratesFoods high in carbohydrates, such as whole grains and vegetables, are good for digestion. But if you eat large amounts of them, it is likely that the digestive system is difficult to adapt, and therefore occur in bulges and gases, so experts advise not to multiply carbohydrates.

5. BeansBeans are known to be a rich source of protein and healthy fiber, but there are also sugars that are difficult to digest and may affect colic if taken in large quantities. Experts advise to get rid of some sugar beans by soaking in water for 4 hours and then pour water before cooking.

6 – cabbage and his factionSome vegetables that are known for their various health benefits, such as broccoli and cabbage, also have sugars, like beans. They must be well cooked because they also contain high fibers making them difficult to digest.

7. Fruit sugarIt is difficult to digest foods and beverages sweetened with fructose, including soda, sweets, fruit juices and desserts. In some cases, bloating and intestinal dysfunction.8. Hot foodsSome people suffer from indigestion or heartburn after eating hot foods, especially when a large meal. Studies indicate that the hot ingredient capsaicin in chili is the cause of these symptoms despite its great health benefits

9. Dairy productsIf dairy proudcasts couse bloating and gas, the person may be slightly or unable to “tolerate lactose”, meaning that he does not have an enzyme that helps digest sugar in milk and other forms of dairy products.Experts advise to avoid these foods or seek advice from the doctor to compensate for the missing enzyme.

10 – mint, coffee and cocoaMint can help relax muscles at the top of the stomach, which allows the food to move back to the esophagus. This can cause heartburn, and coffee and cocoa can cause the same symptoms.We advising you to reduce the amounts taken and not lie on the back after eating.

Dr Faten Ali