Calaf-seeg “English Version” ( By: Hassan A Shire)

Hikma was married to her sister’s husband as a replacement of Sareeda, whom her death left a dark mark to the families. Sareedo was the oldest in her family, energetic, exceptional a blessing to her family and incomparable to a thousand of her peers. She was born at the end of ‘’Siigadheer’’ a season dubbed the Ad-adlay’s worst famine. Her mother, Haddiyo, was bedridden for months, after stern malnourishment as the result of the famine that hit the zone. It became worse when she moved with her daughter in search of grazing and water, which affected her family in particular. When her mother was expecting to deliver Haddiyo, the settlement used to face a scorching sun and howling gales. After her birth, the sky turned its lovely face with clouds coupled with moist.

The next day, the first drop hit the ground in the Ad-adlay areas dilapidated by the drought, where by most of its settlements moved to other areas especially to those who had the means to move such as horses, camels, or donkey to pastured areas—left by the last fall. In addition to that, the moved caravans expected boreholes to fetch water for the livestock. Hikma’s family was the only remained in the area due to the lack of the means to embark on this journey. It is the reason for staying with the prayer to Allah and remained.


Calaf-seeg to be continued……


Written by: Hassan A Shire