Amoud University is a Home of prosperty and Ocaen of knowledge (By: Ainaan


The history of human being there were several an important magnitude factors, which were influenced the socio economic activities for deferent community in the world.
In the modern world education is not only pivotal to economic prosperity but also plays a crucial role in enabling community to improve the equality of their lives and contribute to a peaceful, productive and unity nation.
First I want to provide you an introduction about Amoud University. It was the first university initiated and established in the whole country was founded in 1998 here in Borama city. It is a place of restored the hope of the bright and transparent future as the creation standard of morality among community here and there.
Amoud University declaration day is ever signal, memorial, and historical far from to ignore easy method, its initial line which is spread of in higher learning institutions through in the country. It’s a light pushes for the darkness of ignorance and revival of knowledge, hope and sustainable peace through in youth generations.
The foundation of Amoud university is seem as remarkable symbolic of the transition from an era of war, hopeless and disappointed to an era of prosperity, peace, development and encouraged other communities not only in Awdal region but also other parts of Somalia nation to create and starts higher education.
It’s a center of excellence and factory produced unlimited numbers of students those are serving community in a various sectors such as health centers, agriculture, managements and teachers.
As myself glance iam one of the triumphed to graduate from Amoud university faculty of business and public administration stream of an accounting in the year of 2013.
Iam exalted all of my professors to secure the cloud darkness of ignorance that sacrificed and provided by their knowledge with in tireless and enthusiasm way of teaching for us.
Amoud University is registered as non-governmental non-profit making institution. It is the property which is owned the inside and the outside community of Awdal region.
Amoud will continue to lead dissemination quality of education through excelling and dedication.
It is a place of suitable for learning it has well ventilated and beautiful land scope it has surrounded a range of mountain good for sight.
No doubt, it is fact Amoud had equipped us a highly positive skill qualified education which is an encounter for our partner, neighborhood countries and even we can make challenged overseas once. It is carven for me to hide the actual circumstances are existed in Amoud University.
All in all we understand the education is the most important elements in sustainable social growth and poverty reduction with in nation. I wish to add that education is always instrumental in inspiring growth, improving governance and human capacity in our country.
We need to make sure that trend in educating our rising generation steeply increases for our people to be able to cope with the challenges and demands posted our lives by the fast-moving dynamics in socio-economic affairs and technology of today’s world.
By the pen of Ainaan Farah Ainaan
Email : ainan25@hotmail.ocm
Contact: 0634450068.