Ethiopia: OLF hits back at PM Abiy’s parliament speech, highlights broken promises….

The opposition Oromo Liberation Front (#OLF) has voiced strong criticism against Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s remarks made during his appearance before the House of People’s Representatives on February 6, 2024.

Speaking about the agreement reached between the Ethiopian government and OLF in Asmara in 2018, PM Abiy Ahmed said there was no special deal with OLF, but a call similar to the one extended to other armed groups to return home and pursue peaceful struggle.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, subsequent to the PM’s remarks, the OLF highlighted what it claimed to be details of the agreement reached in #Asmara, transforming the nature of the relationship between the state of Ethiopia and OLF from war to peaceful relations, being the major one. According to the statement, integration of OLF army, non-partisanship of the Ethiopian security forces, return of OLF offices including its headquarters in #Addis_Abeba and other confiscated properties, were parts of the deal.

Furthermore, the OLF accuses the government of violating these terms upon their return, alleging harassment, office closures, and the imprisonment of its leaders. In response to the PM’s denial, the OLF asserts that its leaders are not sharing power with the government as claimed, and many remain imprisoned for years.