Freedom Center Position Paper: Ceel-Afweyn Conflict Resolution

Ceel-Afweyn conflict followed the skirmish of two sub-clans for retaliation and land disputes. Somaliland government and traditional elders attempted to solve the conflict in different occasions but unfortunately, it hasn’t been contained and managed. However, the fight continued and lives were lost and injured from both sides.

Early July-2018 Somaliland government sent more than 60 people to Ceel-Afweyn including Religious leaders, clan elders and government officials to resolve CeelAfweyn clashs. It has been Somaliland’s way of solving conflicts since its reclaim of independence in 1991.
In context, traditional and religious leaders in Somaliland are often more involved in conflict resolution than any other sector of the society due to their involvement in the communities and trust towards their religious conduct respectively.

Tri-dimensional integration of traditional and religious leaders in the hybrid system of Somaliland governance is paramount for nations’ success. These Leaders engaged in peace-building and state formation since early 1990s – their role was institutionalized in the ‘House of Elders’, the upper house of the bicameral parliament. Moreover, privately owned religious courts can also be mentioned, whereas citizens have the option to go and resolve their conflicts.

Grand conference of this conflict resolution began 16th July 2018. Representatives from the conflicting clans gave their consent to the delegates led by the religious leaders. Although skillful discussions are intended to produce an effective agreement and the sides brought claims of casualties on the table, the Sharia Law was solely the basis of the arbitration.
Somaliland government recently held elections, the nation is in a new term of presidency, economic, political and other national security areas need urgent tasks at hand. For the past 27 years presidents, political parties and the public believed that Somaliland’s prosperity and recognition are directly tied to the success stories of peace and democratic values; peace expresses Somaliland’s DNA of idealism…  Read More