Graduates of Medical and Surgery Farewell Ceremony

Graduates of Medical and Surgery Farewell Ceremony

The farewell ceremony of the 14th batch of the University of Hargeisa’s College of Medicine and Health Class of 2023 Doctors was held on Saturday night, 15th July 2023 at Moole Hotel in Hargeisa, Somaliland.

After seven years of hard work and perseverance, graduates of the Class of 2023 at the University of Hargeisa School of Medicine and Surgery gathered to celebrate their official transition from students to doctors. This cohort, comprising a total of thirty-one individuals who have successfully completed their arduous journey in the realm of medical sciences, is composed of seven female and twenty-four male prodigies. The farewell ceremony was attended by the Minister of Health, medical institutions, International Organizations, parents, students, doctors of the country, and many more guests who shared their happiness and celebration with the graduating students who spent a long period of dedicated time and energy in the medical field.

“Your courage and bravery will be called upon in your endeavors of treating patients, staying focused, and achieving excellence in all that you do,” said the Minister of Health Hassan Gaafaadhi in his congratulatory speech to the doctors.

” I am delighted and at the same time grateful that you were so dedicated on your studies and I expect you to serve your peope with kindness and the wide knowledge you gained furing your study. I am very happy on your successful graduation and congrats to all of you” Dean of Medicine and Surgery Dr. Ayanle Suleiman Ahmed said in his welcome speech.

We wish you to continue on your path with success and have fond memories of your study time at the University of Hargeisa.”

The graduating class of 31 doctors, who earned medical degrees received their doctoral gowns in front of hundreds of proud family members, other doctors, government guests, UOH staff, friends, and their faculty teachers.