Human Rights Center releases 2020 annual report

Human Rights Centre annual report cover a wide range of human rights issues and is based on the organizations’ monitoring and documentation of human rights issue in Somaliland in 2019. The report is a result of the daily documentation, interviews of survivors, experts, and government officials, and review of official documents such as court judgments.

The report highlights the increasing arrests of journalists, closure of media houses and restriction of public opinion through demonstration remains, as usual, being restricted. Jailed without a warrant or summon, and then simply kept in detention without judicial order guides perilous situations, people usually face indefinite detentions. It is generally recognized that Article 32 of the Somaliland Constitution protects and values the freedom of expression in parallel with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In the period covered by this report, in this year of 2020, the Human Rights Centre has recorded 60 people arrested for issues related to freedom of expression, including 14 people who are Journalists and 44 people who are not journalists…read more 

Source: Horn Diplomat