It’s important we dare to rebuild Borama Airport (By Ainaan Farah Ainaan)

Blames and complains are not generally good but it’s important for us to deeply understand that improving the development sectors of the community is an obligatory for every one of us, particularly when there is negligence from the government side.

It is disaster that we achieved nothing over 25 years of functioning government. It is shame that our city with over 200,000 citizens has no functioning airport. As a community, we need to come together and work together to overcome this major problem.

We live in a world where deleting history is more important than embracing history. It is reality that our society is composed of different interest groups but it is also true that we have many interests in common. One of them is to develop our economy which is challenging in terms of finance. However, we can undertake it via investments and massive fundraising among the community.

The community is exhausted of Government’s fictional and publicity statements that the  infrastructure will be rebuilt which is only intended to entertain citizens while public services are little or absent. We need to do it by ourselves and contribute to a project of rebuilding Borama Airport through fundraising and volunteerism.

Bear in mind that some people create their own storm and then get upset when it rains. I mean we will do nothing with anxiety and complaining. We can change the future with positive mindset and by encouraging each other. If you are motivated enough to do better ambitious things, no one can discourage you to do it and no one can prevent you from reaching your goals. No matter how bad the situation is now, we can change the future by our own efforts.

Finally, we cannot expect to find happiness from outside of us. We can get it from achieving our goals. One of the priority goals for our community should be a project to rebuild Borama Airport which would provide services the community needs and create job opportunities for the unemployed youth.

Ainaan Farah Ainaan.
Freelance writer,
Borama, Awdal Region.