Job opportunity: Election Project Coordinator

POSITION: Election Project Coordinator

DUTY STATION: Hargeisa with frequent travel to all regions of Somaliland

REPORTING TO: SONSAF Executive Director

RELATIONSHIP: Various Election Stakeholders


 JOB SUMMARY: SONSAF is currently seeking qualified, dynamic and talented applicant to lead coordination of Voter Registration Observation, Domestic Election Observation process. Support Somaliland Civil Society Election Forum (SCISEF) and provide effective coordination on all matters relating voter registration, voter education, domestic election observation and performance of various elections stakeholders. The Project Coordinator duties include overseeing the day-to-day work of SCISEF project as described below:-

General Responsibilities:

Under the direct supervision of the SONSAF Executive Director, Election Project Coordinator will perform the following duties:-

  • Management of Election Project
  • Work with SCISEF
  • Voter Registration and Domestic Observation Coordination
  • Policy Briefing and Press Releases
  • Monitoring Election Performance
  • Reporting and Documentation

Specific Responsibilities:

Management of Election Project

  • Lead the development and submission of concept notes, activity reports and quarterly reports
  • Lead the implementation of a monitoring, learning and evaluation framework for the project
  • Lead VRO/DEO recruitment, training and deployment
  • Lead re-structuring SCISEF including recruiting new members from all the regions, reviewing and updating SCISEF TOR

Work with SCISEF:

  • Work with SCIEF Coordination Committee and to assist them during regular meetings, forums, evaluations, press releases, and regional events.
  • Collect, analyze, and disseminate election information and assist SCISEF Coordination Committee in documenting issues that take place during voter registration and the election for historical preservation purposes and for future references as lessons learned.
  • Ensure the leading civil society actors are represented in SCISEF Coordination Committee
  • Participate in the recruitment, briefings, debriefings, and training of the SCISEF regional focal points and to ensure they understood the context and activities of the SCISEF project activities and objectives.
  • Establish proper communication mechanism with the regional focal points and to ensure that they are updated constantly as necessary.
  • Assist SCISEF Coordination Committee in producing messages aimed at advising public with regard to avoiding activities contrary to the election regulations including multiple registration/voting, tribalism, regionalism etc.
  • Work with various election stakeholders including government, NEC, political parties, Parliament, International, Community and civil society actors with regard to issues concerning voter registration and election matters.
  • In conjunction with SCISEF coordination Committee, to work with the media to influence them to report objectively and neutrally.

Voter Registration Coordination

  • Coordinate the role of SCISEF on all matters relating to voter registration in the Country; Liaise with actors involving implementations of the voter registration.
  • Co-facilitate voter registration observers training in all regions.
  • Identify any voter registration issue that may have negative implication to the process of the registration/election and inform to the SCISEF and
  • Periodically update SCISEF on all matters relating to voter registration, the status of voter registration.

Domestic Election Observation Coordination

  • Under the guidance of SONSAF Executive Director, coordinate all aspects of national domestic observation activities, including trainings and deployment process.
  • Conduct Early Warning and identify the most potentially problematic areas in advance before the deployment.
  • Make sure that all personnel involving in the domestic observation process declare their commitment as neutral and non-partisan interpreting observer ethical standards.
  • Make sure that all personnel involving domestic election observation attends mandatory training prior to their engagement to domestic observation.
  • Coach and make sure that all domestic observation reporting activities are complete, accurate and to the facts.
  • Develop selection criteria for domestic election observers and update database for future use
  • Ensure that the role and function of domestic observers explained well to any possible potential hostile areas.
  • Advise domestic observation teams not to get involved in election disputes, to leave polling stations where the situation became tense or where their security may be threatened.

Policy Briefing and Press Releases:

  • Prepare periodic position papers that SCISEF Coordination Committee needs to issue vis-à-vis Voter Registration, Presidential and Parliamentary Elections.
  • Develop press release and public statement as required.
  • Make sure that contents of all public statement are accurate and adequately edited, shared, discussed and approved before its release.
  • Produce pre- election report after voter registration completed
  • Produce post- election report based on domestic elections observation data collections and analysis.

Monitoring Election Performance:

  • The general adherence of the election administration to the legislation;
  • The sufficiency of voter information material and public service announcements;
  • Monitor issues concerning the forthcoming Presidential and Parliamentary Election, collect relevant information that may affect the election, and to constantly update the SCISEF Coordination Committee with regard to above-mentioned issues.
  • Monitor nomination and registration of candidates
  • Monitor the extent to which Media is performing according to the Media Code of Conduct.
  • Monitor the three political parties and candidates comply with electoral laws rules and regulations as well as code of conducts that they have agreed
  • Monitor whether contesting parties have equal access to public resources including the media; Monitor the impartiality, objectivity and consistency of its rulings on election complaints and appeals; and,
  • If the tabulation of results is conducted transparently, honestly and accurately.

Reporting and Documentation:

  • Timely document and report on all activities relating to press statements, press releases, policy briefings, public announcement and any other information and to submit such reports to the SCISEF Coordination Committee and SONSAF Executive Director.
  • Timely document and report all activities relating to consultative meetings held, meetings convened with various elections Stakeholders, discussions, conclusions, outputs and achievements and to submit such reports to the SCISEF Coordination Committee and SONSAF Executive Director.
  • Compile all project reports (including daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and the end of project as required). Document all training activities, include number of trainees, number of days trained and topics of each training.
  • Generate information relating to performance of various election Stakeholders during pre-election and post-election for reporting purposes.

Essential Qualifications:

  • Education: Master’s Degree or equivalent. Social science, human rights and democracy, international relations, international law, political science, or relevant disciplines;
  • Experience: Seven years related experience.

Knowledge, Competencies and Skills:

  • Application and comprehensive knowledge of local election laws, regulations, practices and procedures; Must be able to communicate clearly, informatively and persuasively in both written and verbal form;
  • Ability to coach and influence adult people.
  • Strong interpersonal skills; Confidentiality of working related information and materials; Effective coordination and working relationships;
  • Effective time management and organizational skills;
  • Excellent analytical skills; Ability to interpret complex documents, regulations, professional standards and specifications;
  • Strong supervision and coaching and people’s knowledge
  • Presentation and Report writing skills
  • Demonstrates strong verbal and communication skills
  • Excellent English and Somali languages

Application Process

Please send full CV and covering letter, detailing how you meet the selection criteria to SONSAF Please use subject heading – Ref: Election Project Coordinator

Deadline for applications: 25 September 2015. SONSAF is situated Jigjga-yar, Badda Cas, Behind WHO Office.