Launch of the Somaliland SDG16+ Coalition


Ahead of the International Day of Peace, a new civil society coalition has been announced in Somaliland to galvanize momentum to implement Sustainable Development Goal 16+ (SDG16+) – on peace, justice, and inclusion – of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in Somaliland.

The Somaliland SDG16+ Coalition is intended to enhance collaboration between civil society groups and non-state actors, recognizing the fundamental role that partnerships must play if the 2030 Agenda is to be successfully implemented. This coalition will be open for any non-state organization or individual who shares a commitment to implement SDG16+ in Somaliland to join.

Based on consultations coordinated by coalition members over the past 18 months with 55 civil society organisations across all six regions of Somaliland, short-term and long-term priority SDG16+ targets and actions have been identified. Activities will be complementary of government, donor, international and national civil society initiatives, and aligned with the Somaliland National Development Plan II, where possible.

Among other planned activities, the coalition will be producing a progress study on SDG16+ in Somaliland and will present these in July 2019 at the United Nations High-Level Political Forum and other international conferences.

The Somaliland SDG16+ Coalition is composed of the Horn of Africa – Center for Policy Analysis (CPA), the Somaliland Human Rights Center (HRC), the Network against FGM in Somaliland (NAFIS), Saferworld, the Somaliland Non-State Actors Forum (SONSAF), and the Somaliland National Youth Umbrella (SONYO).

For more information about this coalition, contact: Maria Abdilahi Gahair – +252 63 4777044