Life is three days (By: Nuur Haji Hiiray)

The life in this world is only three days, not more, but humane being got to confuse to manage for these three days, how they can manage more than three days since they are unable to manage for three days. The fourth day is hidden from us. The three days are one day has gone and you can do nothing about it because it has already gone and taken away what you have given it, except you can send forgiveness behind, in order Allah to forgive you, for your bad deeds.

And the day that is coming, and you have no control about it, what it will bring you, and Allah will not ask you about that day unless you experience and encounter it.

The real day you belong is the day you are living what do, determines your past, present and the future. If you perform good deeds you will benefit your life, and expect good events for your future and your bad deeds of the past will be wiped out. But if you do bad deeds the day you live, expect the vice versa. Expect bad events and past bad deeds will not be erased.

The fourth day is hidden from us for everybody, except the Creator of this universe, who will judge our performance in this world. So in reality think only the day you are living, do not think for the other days, because the other days do not concern you.

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