President Bihi pledges free learning materials for students at public schools

Following the commemoration of Somaliland Youth Day, the incumbent president of the Republic of Somaliland H.E. Muse Bihi Abdi addressed the nation in a wide range of issues pertaining the role of youth on the development, comprehensive plans for his government, combating against corruption improving the education of Somaliland.

In his speech, president Bihi revealed that his government has created Youth Fund Account for Somaliland youth. Remarking this, Mr Bihi said, “We have created Youth Fund Account as part of developing the nation’s youth. We have deposited sh 2.5 billion. The second step is to assign a task force committee that runs the program. We are ready to consult with the scholars in selecting the eligible committee for the task. I hereby call on the businessmen to participate the fund.”

In his remarks, President Bihi also unveiled new comprehensive plans of his government towards quality education. Elaborating the priority of quality education to the nation at large, Hon. Abdi said, “We have also created another account for Youth Education Development. Improving higher education is of a paramount importance to the nation and we must be hands in glove to tackle the task. We all know that our universities have more graduates each year but they experience unemployment.”

Urging the amelioration of public schools’ education quality, the president said, “It is incredible that public schools are today under the worst condition. Public schools are attended by the children of the martyrs for the sake of Somaliland, civil servants and the poor people. Public schools look like forsaken shabby houses while private schools are advertised 24 hours by the media.”

During his address, the president of the Republic of Somaliland vowed that his government will no longer tolerate low quality education at public schools. “80% of our people attend at public schools – these are the children of the real citizens, soldiers, who sacrifice their selves for the sake of Somaliland, the unemployed, the retired, and the refuge returnees with no property at towns. The remaining 20% take their children to private schools and pay US dollars, causing some of the children to not even know Somali script. This is unacceptable!”

For the first time in Somaliland’s history, the president of the Republic of Somaliland has pledged that his government will contribute free learning materials for all the students currently learning at Somaliland public schools. “We have handed over $1.8 million to the Ministry of Education and Higher Studies to contribute free learning materials including textbooks to all Somaliland public school students. As estimated, they are around 109,000 students in number.