Somalia: Government condemns the attacks against its citizens in South Africa

According to the Press Statement from The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Investment Promotion of the Federal Republic of Somalia on South Africa .

The Government of the Federal Republic of Somalia condemns the vicious attacks being perpetuated against its citizens and the looting of their property and businesses. Somalia and its people are shocked to witness such treatment being meted against their citizens when they have been a staunch supporter of their South African brothers and sisters in their long but successful struggle against Apartheid. History is a testament to the great strides the Somali people and government have gone to ensure the liberation of their brothers and sisters in Southern Africa. Neither effort nor resource was spared in ensuring our South African brothers and sister’s dignity was upheld. The late President of the Republic of Somalia Mr. Siad Barre said once:

‘’Our enjoyment of independence and freedom is meaningless and futile when our brothers in that part of Africa are oppressed and denied their inalienable rights to self-determination. We, the African States should redouble our efforts to awaken the world to the dangerous situation in Southern Africa. We shall morally and Materially, support the Liberation Movements of Africa until the last of Africa is liberated from the usurpers of Africa’s wealth, dignity and pride’’

Therefore this xenophobic behavior and barbarity shown by these thugs which has been reoccurring in these past years are unacceptable. We welcome the immediate intervention and condemnation of these heinous attacks by the President of South Africa Jacob Zuma who in parliament this week made very clear that his government will not tolerate such attacks against innocent hard working people residing in South Africa. We wholeheartedly agree with the President in that nothing could justify such attacks.

We therefore call on the brotherly government of the republic of South Africa to swiftly take appropriate actions to put a stop to these attacks against our citizens and bring to justice those who have committed these offences