Somaliland: The New DahabShiil Business Center Launched

By Goth Mohamed Goth

The brand new and relatively ultramodern building here is much more than just a bank building. It will also house the first truly modern Business mall in Hargeisa, which is substantial in size, and is also being launched today is the Dahabshiil Business Mall.

Mr. Abdurrahman Ali Abdi, the managing director of Dahabshiil group in hargeisa speaking during the event said , “I thank all those attending the function on behalf of Dahabshiil group ,these venture which will create jobs for at least 200 people in the various holding in the mall and the group has also recently inducted the E Dahab , the new onlinee mobile money service meant to promote growth in the small business sector and is expected enhance provision of value added services ,diversification and product innovations, and capacity expansion to enhance access and quality services.

“Dahabshil group is committed in provide the best and advanced communication services its customers SOMTEL has in the past played a unique role in creating a dynamic online experience by introducing new services, among them the high speed internet 4G and now E-Dahab that benefit somalilanders both local and in the Diaspora and will help spur the growth of both large and small businesses in Somaliland”, he said.

Mr. Hassan Osman Ismael, the manager of the Dahabshil mall while briefing those attending the function said, “The New multi-million dollar building apart from the Dahabshil Bank will house nine businesses and facilities too We hope new mall, varied businesses will benefit from this space and open in the mall, which will also provide a convenient, exciting shopping experience for customers and also includes a state-of-the-art hotel (Damal Hotel), conveniently situated in central Hargeisa. In this way, the Dahabshiil company ventures into the world of investment in high-tech hence encouraging businesses to thrive and grow in Somaliland, in a truly modern environment. Neither the sun nor the rain will get in the way of business in the new building, which will also be a safe and secure place to shop and do business in.

Mr. Mohamed Warsame , the manager of Damal Hotel and a 22 years hotelier gave in-depth briefing of the services the hotel has to offer to customers by which he stated , “Damal, a newly built luxury hotel, offers warm and stylish accommodation to both the business and holiday traveler. Elegantly furnished with contemporary decor, rooms at Damal Hotel are located from 3rd floor to 6th floor of Dahabshiil Business Centre. Each modern Air- Conditioned room comes with a flat-screen TV, cable satellite, and a large en-suite bathroom. The suites include a seating area. Guests enjoy free wifi and 24-hour room service. This five-star property features a fitness gym and a traditional Somali restaurant and cafe that also specializes in intercontinental cuisines. The hotel is strategically located in the heart of Hargeisa, in close proximity to the lively downtown shops as well as government offices. Damal offers free shuttles to and from Hargeisa International Airport for all guests.