Somaliland Y-PEER provided entrepreneurship training to 20 women

Somaliland Y-PEER, with the support of the Deaconess Foundation, provided training on entrepreneurship and small business management to 20 women who would like to start up their own new businesses or just started businesses and want to grow and manage them very well.

The training was delivered by Hassan Gaadhhaye Mohamed, an expert in business entrepreneurship and innovation. He developed a training content that is suitable to twenty trainees with different levels of knowledge, skills and experience.

Though the training focused on the best practices in entrepreneurship, business management and growth as well as financial literacy, all examples cited during the training were based on Somaliland context. Moreover, the training was participatory in nature which provided opportunities for the participants to present their diverse perspectives and experiences on how to create, manage and grow new businesses.

During the sessions, the trainer also presented high profile case studies regarding history of individuals who started businesses from scratch and then rose to prominence in private sector after managing and growing their businesses very well. He advised the participants to consider these successful businesspeople as their own role models and aim to achieve their business targets effectively.

In addition, the trainer gave participants templates and tools that could help them startup and manage new innovative and profitable businesses.

At the end of the training, participants requested Y-PEER to help them find investments for their business ideas so that they will be able to turn their dreams into reality. The Executive Director of Somaliland Y-PEER Mohamed Mahad Dama, who addressed participants during the closure session, expressed that Somaliland Y-PEER is committed to share investment or loan opportunities his organization encounters. He however encouraged participants to look for and apply investment and loan opportunities that appear on local media frequently by investment banks or international organizations.

At the end of the training the participants were awarded certificates.

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