The Government of the Republic of Somaliland strongly objects to Somalia’s formal recognition of the Clan militia’s authority over Las-Anod, Somaliland.

The Government of Somaliland firmly asserts that neither Somalia nor the Clan militia have jurisdiction or claim over Las-Anod. Somalia’s acceptance of the militia’s declaration is a deliberate attack on Somaliland’s statehood and territorial integrity within its 26 June 1960 borders. It is alarming and perilously threatens the stability of the Horn of Africa.

Somaliland has maintained independence for over 32 years, establishing peace, security, and democratic governance within its boundaries. Additionally, it has significantly contributed to promoting peace and stability in the region. However, Somalia’s recent action of hosting and recognizing anti-Somaliland militia leaders in Mogadishu grossly threatens regional peace and security, confirming Somalia’s participation in fueling the fighting and instability in Las Anod from the start.

The Government of Somaliland calls on Somalia to completely withdraw its support for the Clan militia. We also urge the international community to condemn this recognition, as it poses a threat to the overall stability of the region. We further call upon all parties involved to respect the internationally recognized boundaries of the Republic of Somaliland and engage in meaningful dialogue to achieve peace and security.

The Government of the Republic of Somaliland remains committed to the pursuit of peace, stability, and prosperity for the people of Somaliland. We will continue our efforts towards the recognition of our sovereignty and the establishment of mutually beneficial relations with the international community.