Why our children get spoiled (By Nur H. Hiiray)

You will overcome everywhere in every gathering of the people complaining about youth atrocity, so I have asked myself this question, why our children get spoiled?

Before we answer this question of youth atrocity, we have to understand, what is character? Is it acquired or born?  According to my view atrocity and character are related one another.

According to our religion, as our prophet said, every child born as a Muslim, but his parents convert him or her, to Jew, Christian or idol worship or as he said, and according to specialists of human characteristics, they said that character is acquired not born.

The question is where children get from their behavior or conduct, they acquire from their surroundings or vicinity, the home, the school and their neighbor.

We know our homes, some of the parents themselves need rehabilitation or to be trained how to raise children, you know our schools, their main aim is collect from the fees only, nothing else and we know our neighbor it is a collection of our homes only.

Once in America, also the country was rich at that time, but child mortality was high, I think it was the rural area, so the administration did a research about the cause, what they found was, at the time girls in the schools, they don’t have enough knowledge about nutrition, because the curriculum was lacking that point, so what happened, the curriculum was changed and the teachers were given enough knowledge about nutrition, so the situation have changed.

Look the awareness of this government, and how they are taking care for their society, and compare to us, they are poles apart.

There is also another factor which I didn’t include the above points, the sinister people that have been planted in us, their aim is to enslave everybody, whether old or young, whether female or male, they don’t care whom gender they belong, as John F Kennedy said in America, There is a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman and child.  Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot.  Jfk said 7 days before his assassination.  

So this sinister group is working day and night to spoil our society, while we are playing or sleeping, once someone asked a sheikh, do devil sleeps, the sheikh said if the evil spirit sleeps, we have been rested, but it didn’t sleep, that is why we get bad dreams even while we are sleep.

So, what do you expect, how the children grow in that spoiled environment will be, you can guess it.

Nur H Hiiray