Aragtiddii Cigaal ee Masar & Itoobiyo ka lala safanayo iyo sababta (WQ: Xamse Cabdiraxmaan Khayre)

Aragtiddii Cigaal ee Masar & Itoobiyo ka lala safanayo iyo sababta

On Egypt, Somalia and Somaliland Sovereignty

4.       “…During my visit with you in Cairo, I though I had explained fully our gut feelings towards Egypt and our true affinities with the Arab World. I also thought, I have truthfully and withouth hypocrisy explained our irrevocable decision to the leave the union with Somalia and chart our own course for a separate sovereign existence. Should Egypt decide to abandon us, to ignore our sentiments and affections, then your Excellency, you should do so with the knowledge that this stand of ours and the formation of the republic of Somaliland are for the present irreversible. We have to rethink our future relations with our neighbors, our brothers and all the members of the international community according to  their responses to these aspirations of ours.” (Egal, Letter to Egypt’s Foreign Minister, 1997)

5.       “..As I did Cairo, I once again appeal to you and through you to President Husni Mubarak to re-evaluate your policy on Somalia and to relate that policy not to a theoretical preference, but to the practical realities in Somalia and Somaliland” (Egal, A letter to US Sectretary of State, 1996)

-Toloow duruufaha siyaasadeed ma is-bedelleen mise waa kuwii 1998kii? Masar ma laga yaabaa iney u janjeedho xaga Somaliland; Itoobiyana Xaga Soomaaliya? Mise labadduba waa dhinaca Soomaliya? Mawqifka Somaliya kula safatay Itoobiya ama dhexdhexaadka ku sheegatay maxaa fursad ku jirta? Waan ogahay cigaal ma joogo Cirro oo arimaha dibedda si mug leh u dhaadsan  taladda ma hayo, yeelkeede haddana, dadkii waa kula joogaan ee dedaal oo in yar dibedda u jeeso.



Waxaan kaaga soo jafaay maqaal aan ku ururiyey halku-dhegyo MW Cigaal aan ka soo saaray qoraalidiisa qaddiyado kala duwan. Maqaalku wuxuu ku baxay af-Ingirisi sanadkii 2013. Ladhku maqaalku wuxuu ahaa ” Somaliland: Wisdom & Insight from a founding father by Hamse Khaire”.