Short article about the new Somaliland health minister (By: Eng mahamed nuh)

The movement for young people into influential leadership positions is picking up pace on the Africa continent.

Ethiopia’s new Minister of Health, Dr. Amir Aman is a young leader determined to set the country’s health sector on the right track. His appointment comes weeks after Botswana appointed 30 year old Bogolo Kenewendo as Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry.

Dr. Aman, attended the University of Western Cape in Cape Town, South Africa where he did a Masters in Public Health. Until his new appointment he was the junior minister for the health portfolio. He took over as the senior minister for health following the appointment of Dr. Tedros Adhanomi as the Director of World Health Organisation (WHO)

In a Facebook post Dr. Aman said, “I am humbled by my appointment to serve and lead our health sector; it is a call to duty to ensure the “health” of our people – indeed, as the adage aptly states – health is wealth, because a healthy society is a productive society. That is why we view our mission to provide Universal Health Care -that is quality, accessible, affordable and equitable-is fundamentally a human right and a non-negotiable moral imperative.”

Botswana’s newly appointed 30 year old minister Bogolo Joy Kenewendo is being celebrated on social media by many Africans, who say her appointment despite her age is a rare feat that needs to be replicated across the continent.

Kenewendo was one of the ministers appointed by Botswana’s new president Mokgweetsi Masisi, who in his inaugural address pledged to invest in the youth and create job opportunities for them.

Kenewendo, appointed the Investment, Trade and Industry Minister becomes Botswana’s youngest ever minister, two years after she was appointed by the former president Ian Khama as a member of parliament. Kenewendo holds an MSc in International Economics from the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom and was a recipient of a prestigious Chevening Scholarship in 2012.

As well as in Horn of Africa Somaliland.

The appointment of youth into leadership positions is gradually gaining popularity. Somaliland’s new minister of Health Prof. Omer Ali is the latest young person to be appointed into a position of leadership Somaliland president appointed as new minister of Health Prof. Omer Ali Abdilahi (Omer dheere) youngest ever Health minister in Somaliland.

Omer Dheere is acclaimed for championing and inspiring a new generation of educational professionals through public service and volunteerism. His leadership in increasing the quality and expanse of medical services is considered a model for public service in Somaliland and internationally. His work will lead to the recruitment, training, and deployment of additional more health extension workers through Somaliland’s Health Extension Programs.

Prof . Omer was the vice president of academic affairs of one of the oldest and Most Prestigious University in Somaliland (Amoud University), educational curriculum consultant before becoming the independ teacher trainer.

Minister Omar has a Master’s degree in Educational curriculum from the University of Nairobi, Kenya. His Master’s degree is dedicated to investigating and developing national educational strategies for the selection and training for teachers

Omar Ali Abdilahi was appointed as Minister of Health for Somaliland in 14.April 2019. A Education Consultant and researcher by training, he is a dedicated educational curriculum professional known for championing Somaliland’s highly regarded Health Extension Programs and inspiring a new generation of professionals. Minister Omer will ensure the effective implementation of Somaliland’s five-year health development plan and the spearheading of the health sector transformation plan.

The Somaliland people are expecting from the new young minster to lead the nation a new direction, a new era, for their health service. to make National Health Sector Transformation  plan (HSTP) and quality and equity; national health coverage and transformation. which are believed to help the sector to achieve its mission and vision. These are:

1. Excellence in health service delivery

2. Excellence in quality improvement and assurance

3. Excellence in leadership and governance

4. Excellence in health system capacity

This appointment for the young minister it can be the time for shaping and moulding a new society, for giving a new and clear orientation to the nation. It could also be the golden moment to start transforming our task-oriented society into a modern society. Such a modern Somaliland has to be a land of opportunity and not opportunism.