“The Lost Fiancée (Calaf-seef)- Part Two ( By: Hassan A Shire )

Though it has rained, the Dagaar planet did not pass its route, which was an indication to predict the rainy weather. However, Ad-adley was the recipient of abundant rain that attracted many families to return. During her first days, the area welcomed Sareedo with abundance and green environment. Now, the herd devoured the green pasture and other various grasses. The milked ones had plenty of milk, the physical appearances of the spawns and lambs were astonishing. Immediately, she was feasted with the colostrum milk and the foam of the milked livestock. She gained weight as she is not from the womb of a malnourished mother. She grew very fast; a fitness sign delighted the family and the neighbors alike appeared on her body.

The residents called her ‘’Barwaaqo’’ but her mother ‘’Haddiyo’’ named after her recently perished grandmother ‘’Sareedo-dheeg’’. She mesmerized the looked eyes! For her natural beauty was magnified the appropriate support she received from her mother. For the many successive years, her charm was in the most conversations of the populace. A reason for many of her peers sought after Sareedo-dheeg. The cheered prettiness seemed the view of a branch hanging from a mountaintop that can easily attract the eyes of whoever glimpsed the peak. It was a bare crave and unattainable desire for everyone to wed her. Nevertheless, this place she now resides is not the place she hails from, she would regularly visit Ad-adley once or twice each year to be familiar with the place and learn the customs of the family.

To be continued,,,,,,,

Written by: Hassan A Shire