Waddani Chairman denies meeting with Qatari, US Ambassadors in Nairobi

The chairman of Somaliland main opposition party, Waddani, has denied allegations that he had a meeting with Qatari Ambassador to Somalia in Nairobi.

Mr. Abdirahman Mohamed Irro labeled baseless propaganda for the alleged meeting with Mr. Hassan Hamza Asad Hashem, the Ambassador of the State of Qatar to the Republic of Somalia in Nairobi.

An online news website, Somaliland Chronicle, published a news article, on May 12, quoting unnamed diplomatic sources for a rendezvous between Qatari official and Waddani chairman with the presence of Prof Ahmed Ismail Samatar, well-known academician and politician affiliated to the ruling party, Kulmiye.

In a press conference Mr. Irro held in his residence in Hargeisa, he said that he met with EU Ambassadors for Somaliland election issues.

He also emphasized the need for all possible diplomatic relations are helping the quest for the recognition of Somaliland. He added that there is nothing wrong with a contract with Qatar or any other country.

Somaliland government has sided with Saudi-UAE coalition for the Qatar blockade.

Source:- https://www.somaliland.com/