Can Somaliland become a developed country in 2026? P1 (By: Nasra Dahir Mahamed)

There is no single formula of development , but every country develop is certain way , the development of European is not same  the development of United States of America(USA) mean while china and Japan  has another ways of development , so us Somali people how we can develop.

Of course, for the last 26 years Somaliland has peace and stability, so as your self did Somaliland people reach yet any development? It’s unquestionable that Somaliland builds their government, and unites the all civil war loads, along with make National army and all government institutions which are working.  Also Somaliland took a democratic system of government and doing multi elections whether governmental, local municipals and parliamentarian. This is positive things that Somaliland governments did, and there are many other things which are under-process.

It is also under quotation does Somaliland is in development way ,   for many educators it’s not because of , the development must reach all people roughly equally, every Somali lander must effect his/her  personal live  in terms of Health , education, housing and mostly basic needs .

So let us divide into four main segments:  Environmental, Social, Political and Economical

Situation of Somaliland Environment

It’s common that most third world countries are poor items of environment especially trees because of many factors like:-

  • Poor social income : that is why the people cut the trees to get some income in order to survive
  • Illiteracy : most of under-developing countries their societies are not educated ,so the people doesn’t know the meaning of environment particularly the trees which are source of oxygen , without oxygen life is impossible
  • Lack of Government Policy: it’s a duty of the government to protect the environment, but it seems that most of Under-developing states mostly African, particularly Somaliland government didn’t protect environment.

Environment protection is a part of states development , not only trees , but also protection   soil erosions , preventions of droughts , promotion of sanitation which effect the soil and at end can causes diseases  such as Vibrio cholera and mostly diarrheal diseases, poor  environment can kill human being.

So Somaliland has all these problems related to environment, and it became normal that when raining season comes we dye because of flood and when the winter comes we dye because of droughts, and this thing   is under humanity, human being are different from any other living thing, because we have ability to think; its shame full for Somaliland government, civil society, educator, leader and all Somali landers, to be in this two conditions of droughts and   floods.

Way Forward:

  • Tree Planting: tree are spinal colon or back bone   of global life, that is why the world protect Amazon trees in Brail because it’s the lungs of the globe, without lungs u can’t survive and your lungs can’t work without Oxygen, the only source of oxygen is trees, so together Somaliland Government and civil society must work gather to make tree planting all over six regions, at least each year 2000 trees.

To re-forest the land so as to create a better environment, reduce desertification and drought, and improve farming conditions and agricultural outputs; to involve farmers in protection of trees

  • Making a dams :  dams will prevent both droughts and floods , which are main social problem that Somali landers live with, also dams will improve the beauty of the country, it will help tree planting projects
  • Environmental awareness of the society , its duty of  Somaliland educated youth to teach their civil society the importance of the environment , since 1991 there are many seminars , workshops  that related to this topic , and both local and international organizations were providing ,  but they  all fail , whatever the cause, this environmental awareness must be different , the provider must be free from personal inters or income oriented .

There are many ways to forward, but in conclusion these are major ones, that Somaliland can reach environmental development within short period of time.

Somaliland Social problems and way forward



Nasra Dahir Mahamed

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