About Somaliland Election (By Abubakar Shire Obsieh)


  • On 13 November Somaliland was done an election which was elected the 5th president of Somaliland named H.E muse bihi abdi who was elected as president of the republic of Somaliland.
  • Somaliland is a country located in east Africa specially horn of Africa still it didn’t get any recognition from the world wide and its people is estimated about 3.5 million and it has 6 regions
  • Many year Somaliland has been waiting becoming a free country since it is a party of Somalia.
  • After description of this country we want to point out some important issues that its election was done; it’s the first country used its election the modern system which any other African country didn’t do this and it was, using the biometric eyes iris that can recognize the someone’s eyes or structural face avoiding repeating voting
  • Also there are many international observers who were investigating places the election was going on and they were surprised how this little country made a beautiful election that any African country didn’t do ever
  • Somaliland has been peaceful for many years and the people live in it also love peace and development
  • Development and stability existing in Somaliland its one of them how Somaliland can earn full international recognition from the world wide.
  •  You can know how it made a free and lawful election in peace without disruption, this isn’t the first election Somaliland did but there were many elections which happened a possible way
  • Every compatriots live in Somaliland doesn’t need what disrupted their peace and stability meanwhile Somaliland developed many services community without getting any help from international community and those different services are schools, universities hospitals, roads and also extracting pure water from the ground.
  • The international observers who were investigating this beautiful election, openly talked how the election of Somaliland was done, they expressed for this election many things which Somaliland can earn international recognition
  • For a Long time after the civil war Somaliland has been waiting its recognition in order to become many recognized countries in the world to ensure its empowering and overcoming every challenge
  • We are all very excited every development that Somaliland has done to its stability and peaceful to confirm many things which our neighboring countries didn’t think to do that and also Somaliland has compatriots who love peace and living in it.
  • Recent years Somaliland has been a great effort to enriching in its economical and political in democracy system avoiding jobless facing Somaliland’s community
  • This new government will create many different opportunity jobs for young people to avoid illegal emigration escaping from their homeland many of them lost their life crossing seas.
  • New government will renovate many industries which many citizens will get jobs and will create different skills which are needed to employing many citizens.
  • This new government, its new planning will be how Somaliland should get a full international recognition how to make good relationship with many developed countries and  borrowing money to develop its country.
  • Also Somaliland will extend important projects that will benefit equally and fairly.
  • Finally we have a thankful for national electoral commission who made justice for three candidates to have political competitions.

 By: Abubakar Shire Obsieh