Amnesty warns Kenya plans to close Dadaab refugee camp

Amnesty and UN are against Kenya plans to close down the Dadaab refugee camps sighting the breach of international law.

The Amnesty wants Kenya to stop its plans to close camps, warning the consequence of forcing 350,000 Somalis in Dadaab back to Somalia ย would put their lives at risk.

After the resent ย Garissa University College attack , Kenya has ordered the closure of the largest refugee camp in the World.

The Kenya government has said the Dadaab camp is a breeding ground for Al shabaab.

Last week, Kenyaโ€™s deputy president, William Ruto, said Kenya would now change the way America changed after 9/11.

He added, โ€œWe have asked the UNHCR to relocate the refugees in three monthsโ€

Ruto said that if the UN failed, โ€œwe shall relocate them ourselvesโ€.

The UNHCR has described the plan as abrupt and warned that it would have โ€œextreme humanitarian and practical consequencesโ€.