How Ethiopia’s Recognition of Somaliland Can Aid in its Quest for International Recognition.

The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Somaliland and Ethiopia is a historic moment that could lead to mutual prosperity. As per the agreement, Ethiopia will officially recognize Somaliland. This recognition is evidence of the strong bond between the two nations. It unlocks numerous opportunities for both countries and opens a world of possibilities. This strategic partnership will undoubtedly provide immense benefits to Somaliland that can help shape its future. By working together, these nations can pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.

The following are the benefits that Somaliland will gain from Ethiopia’s recognition of Somaliland:

1. Initial Recognition: The formal recognition from Ethiopia is a crucial and fundamental step in obtaining international recognition. It removes the primary barrier to full international recognition and initiates a broader effort to achieve complete recognition from the UN General Assembly.

2. International Presence: Ethiopia’s recognition will be crucial for Somaliland to establish a presence on the international stage and advocate for its interests globally.

3. International Legitimacy: Ethiopia’s recognition will give Somaliland a degree of international legitimacy, enabling it to establish formal diplomatic relationships and embassies.

4. Security Cooperation: This recognition will enable Somaliland to cooperate with other countries on security matters, contributing to stabilizing the Red Sea despite the region’s complex history and security challenges.

5. Increased International Visibility: This recognition will increase Somaliland’s global visibility and attract support from countries and international groups.

6. Economic Development: This recognition will open opportunities for foreign investment, trade, and economic aid directly from countries that will recognize Somaliland, which is crucial for a country like Somaliland to work to strengthen its economy and infrastructure.

7. Development Aid and Assistance: Somaliland will receive significant development aid and technical assistance directly from countries recognizing its independence. This aid will be crucial in building infrastructure, improving education, and enhancing public services.

8. Sport and Cultural Participation: Somaliland will be able to join various international sports federations, allowing its athletes to compete internationally under the Somaliland flag.

Although there has been public debate in Somaliland about the benefits and challenges of the MOU, it contains several compelling points that make it a source of pride for the people of Somaliland. This agreement indicates progress and collaboration and represents a significant step towards a brighter future for Somaliland.


Abdiwali Abdillahi Soufi (PhD)

Ex-Minister of ICT

Republic of Somaliland.