President Biihi trip to Ethiopia gets very fascinating eye-catching! (By: Abdillahi Hassan)

President Biihi is heading to Ethiopia to promote and strengthen Somaliland Republic collaboration with the closest and reliable neighbouring Country of Ethiopia.

Mr Biihi and his Somaliland Republic physically is present in the horn quite strongly.

Ethiopia won for the diplomatic centre of Africa, where President Biihi has authentic strategy and confident cooperation to Ethiopia participating certain activities in the Region.

The limited entitlement of Somaliland participation in Africa or World issues will not hinder for the proper and excellent contribution to the peace and stability in the region.

The continent acknowledges the significance and dedication Somaliland Republic combats terrorism and piracy in Somaliland soil.

President Biihi of Somaliland actually has got very vital role in the region, where African leaders should call to decision-making of the horn issues for the President of Somaliland.

It goes without saying that Biihi of Somaliland has crucial responsibility here in the horn.

Somaliland Republic should be given better consideration of achieving full recognition with respect of three decades of positive expectation from the world or Africa.

Somaliland demands a better review of 1960 Somaliland independence that has been registered in United Nations Council at that time from the world or Africa.

President Biihi Visit to Ethiopia again sends message to the international Communities indeed.

Ambition of Somaliland Republic cannot be defeated by Farmaajo Administration in South that constantly ignores the substantiated history of Somaliland Republic.

Trips of Somaliland Republic leader Muse Biihi to the neighbouring Countries connects Somaliland to the world for short period indeed.


Abdilahi Hassan.