Saving Somaliland Democracy from Failed Political Parties (By: Muse Jeeh)

Somaliland achievements depend on holding elections in the country.  Without elections, the country will be losing its position in the horn region and the other world. Our prestige which we gained for the sake of the elections must be saved. This is why I am saying that Somaliland democracy has to be saved from failed political parties. The announcement of Somaliland president to establish new registration of the political parties will be the number one solution if the House of Representatives approved it.  The country will move to inaugurate new broad-based political parties and I am optimistic about the government’s plan to put the term of the current political parties forward and amend the law.

According to Somaliland Solicitor General, the president has the right to demand the amendment of law known as “the regulation of the political associations and parties law”.  Opening the registration of the new political parties will be an opportunity for all Somalilanders and will be a chance to avoid the clan-based political parties while we will have new political parties that are obedient to the law and the constitution of Somaliland. Conducting an amendment for the regulation of the political associations and parties’ law is just to end the deadlock of the political parties which made our Somaliland stability be on a rocky path. Currently, the political situation turned into a risk where the political opposition parties are threatening for the president after pledging to open new political organizations in his annual address to the houses of parliament and underlined that it would be the only solution to end the long-standing conflict in Somaliland’s elections.

I do call for Somalilanders to save their country from failed political parties otherwise the country’s stability and peace could be in jeopardy. Thanks to the president for coming up with the vision of opening the closed gate for the new political associations since we are losing our prestige in the world which made Somaliland an oasis of stability in the horn of Africa region.  This is the time that a regime change in the leadership of the political parties in the country has to be legally done in order to save the democratization process that Somaliland has gained in the past thirty years.  Somaliland people have been very fed up with political disputes between the parties who did not allow anyone to have the chance of leading the existing political parties. Historically, the talks and mediations between the political parties ended in smoke because of their failure to come up with a consensus. Currently, the registration of new political associations is an important issue for all of us.  It is the will of the people to open the gate for new political parties. The general public has somehow welcomed the opening of the new registration for the political parties whereby some politicians already announced their willingness and ambition to form new political associations after they have been confused by the way the current ones are behaving.  Now it is up to the old political parties to resist the change and qualify as an approved political party.

Last but not least, the people are pleased to take part in the formation of the new political associations and I call for the House of the representative to conduct the needed amendment of the law.  This will restore the hopes and confidence for many young politicians to form political parties and be able to save the democratization process of Somaliland.  Let us all support the on-going efforts and save our country from failed political parties.

By: Muse Jeeh, a freelance writer based in Hargeisa, Somaliland. He can be reached at