UN envoy meets President Siilaanyo


The United Nations Secretary General Envoy to Somalia/Somaliland Mr. Michael Keating who had been on a two-day working visit in Somaliland met with President Siilaanyo on Monday at the Presidential Palace in Hargeisa.

“President Siilaanyo warmly receives a delegation led by the UN envoy” a brief statement from the Presidency reads.

Other officials participated in the closed-door meeting includedย Deputy President Abdirahman Abdillaahi Ismail “Saylici”, ย Foreign Minister Dr. Sa’ad Ali Shire, Presidency Minister Mohamoud Hashi Abdi, National Planning Minister Mohamed Adan “Qabyo-tire”, Information Minister Osman Abdillahi Sahardiid “Addaani” and Deputy Minister of Presidency Ahmed Hashi Abdi.

Ambassadorย Micheal Keating, at a joint press conference in the Presidency, said that the main aim of his trip was to assess the devastating drought that affected many parts of Somaliland and that he visited Gabiley region where there are many people from eastern regions displaced by drought.

In his meeting with the President, the UN envoy expressed the dissatisfaction of the international community of the recurrent delays of elections according to Geeska Afrika newspaper. “The international community reduced funds allocated for Somaliland due to election delays” Mr. Keating told the President.

Answering a question on UAE base to be established in Berbera, the Envoy said such agreements are primarily Government’s mandate but they should be done in a transparent and careful manner.