Waddani Party nominates a new Commissioner for the National Electoral Commission following the resignation of Mr. Hersi

Somaliland’s main opposition party Waddani reportedly filled the vacant position of the NEC on Sunday following the resignation of Commissioner Abdiaziz Hersi Warsame who previously held this position representing Waddani Party. He was replaced by Saed Mohamed Osman, the former Head of Operations of SL NEC.

Mr. Hersi was suspended from office by the President in August after members of the NEC including the Chairman submitted an official complaint against him to the President of Somaliland H.E. Muse Bihi Abdi citing a conflict between Mr. Hersi and members of NEC.

The Parliament of Somaliland rejected last week the termination of Mr. Hersi and urged the President to allow him to return to his position in the National Electoral Commission. The President however resisted reinstating Mr. Hersi and once again submitted a letter of termination against Abdiaziz to the House of Representatives for approval.

Waddani Party, reportedly avoiding further delays in the elections, put pressure on Mr. Hersi to resign, which he finally accepted.

Saed Mohamed Osman’s name is expected to be submitted by the President to the House of Representatives for approval.

The appointment of Mr. Osman is perceived to be a good step forward which removed the last obstacle of the Presidential and Political Associations elections scheduled to take place in November this year.