Mabruka oo go’doominta iyo gumaadka Gaza ka falcelinaysa…W/Q:(Abdirahman Adan Mohamoud)

Mabruka oo go’doominta iyo gumaadka Gaza ka falcelinaysa. Marar badan ammuuro waan ka doodnaa, hadal iyo qoraalba, inta badan dhexdayada uun. Kanise inuu na soo dhaafo, waan isla ogol nahay.

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Palestine for the past five days have been attacked by Israel just because for the first time in 10+ years, they broke down the wall that was separating them from the rest of the world and they also decided to defend themselves from Israel and captured an estimated number of 150 Israeli soldiers.

While I don’t subscribe innocent lives being lost in Israel, they already have people all around the world sympathising with them. Immediately after that, unfortunately, the IDF and the defense minister of Israel took action that killed over 1200 Palestinians, 164+ being children. They cut food, water, and electricity from them leaving them to starve to death.

Israel got help from European countries, United States and UAE. UAE, being the first ever Muslim country to shake hands and stand by Israel, and Palestine, unfortunately, didn’t get help from anyone and only Egypt who was providing food and water for them but unfortunately, Israel bombed the border between Palestine and Egypt, closing them from the outside world with no food, water, electricity, and no aids.

Hospitals are getting full, there are not enough nurses, beds and even medicines. People are sleeping on the streets with literally no homes because their houses were bombed. They bury body after body, losing family after family and honestly, they don’t even know if they will see their parents, kids or loved ones in the next 2 hours. They hold on tightly waiting patiently for Allah to help them, for someone to speak up for them, for someone to send help, support and come their way. But you know what happens, Israel is the one people sympathize with, they are the ones getting the aid, and they are the ones who are getting support after support from everybody. Muslims don’t speak up, while un-educated people are posting “We stand with you, Israel”. They are sending hundreds of thousands of money their way, as if Palestinians have not been attacked, killed, murdered, tortured and raped day in and day out, as if they are the ones who are demanding somebody else to leave their home country for them, and when they try to resist for themselves, they are called terrorists!

They are bombed, killed and they are the ones who lose their children, women, husbands, and loved ones. But still, they scream at the top of their lungs, screaming for help, literally begging for it. But no one hears, no one cares. And when we try to stand up for them, people tell us, ‘Oh don’t get into politics”. But as soon as its for Israel, everyone is human, everyone cares for children, women, and men. Its no longer politics. It is the lives of human and when you say I don’t care about that, they attack you straight and call you inhumane and emotionless. Excuse me, where were you for the past 75 years when Israel had been killing Palestinians left, right and centre? Seriously, where were you when a child as young as 2 months old was getting a bullet in his/her leg before they even learn to use it? Where were you when a child of 7 years old had to learn to be an adult and take care of his younger siblings?