Article: Toxic feminism (By: Abdirahman A. Sulleiman)

Nowadays, there is an increasing number of somali women who claim they are feminists. I wonder do they really know what the feminism is?!

I just learned something about it, and I feel I must say something to my fellow counter-parts; “Somali women”. We need to do better. It’s up to us to correct one another. And being a “MUHAMADIYA Community”   “أمة المحمدية” is all about promoting virtue and preventing vice.

“الدين نصيحة”      حديث شريف.

Real women hate feminism. Real women understand things like the “feminism” is just a delusion “Majaro habaabin” and fundamentally harmful to women.

I tell you; when I see a woman flying off the handle because she’s been taught to believe that being a feminist will bring paradise, it makes me wonder; what if she stands in front of mirror and listens to herself!!

Women, you need to understand that the impulse of being a feminist is thoroughly destructive. It plants an inferiority complex to your pure soul and heart.

Feminism isn’t about shinning or fighting for your rights as a woman. It’s an ideology that the Western rogue states organized and intended to destroy women. It’s both dead and deadly. And I don’t want to argue with anyone who disagrees with me.

Being a female is the most beautiful thing you could possibly be. Being a female doesn’t mean you’re inferior. You are the flower of the creation. You are the reproduction machine behind the human existence.

Whether we like it or not, men and women are different culturally and biologically. No matter what we do, they can never be the same. That’s how it works.

A range of different studies have shown that, For example, if we minimize the cultural difference, automatically the biological difference – such as temperaments and interests – goes peak.

This is consistent. People in the scientific community have known this for the past 30 years.

If you don’t believe me, go and figure out the facts. And when you do, I challenge you to talk and warn.

Yet, I haven’t met with a feminist, if you wonder I have a bad experience or hate feminists. And no, I don’t hate them. I’m fine with them. I believe we can talk and get rid of this deadly idea.

Isn’t that why we as a “MUHAMADIYA community” are here for?

Abdirahman A. Sulleiman.