Can United States of Africa Become possible (By: Nasra Dahir Mahamed)

 African are mostly black people but their minds are not black us their skin, Africa is where human begin originated and it has importance of historical thus Africa is rich continent it terms of natural resource so Africa is also  vital component of the global development, but unfortunately Africans are still suffering Social , economically , and political crisis , their people are still under poverty because the world planned that Africa must stay under-poverty  , for the resound a complete rich earth wouldn’t make sense. 

Africa is one of most complex continent in terms of ethnicity because more than 2000 ethnic groups are hosting in Africa , second largest continent both land and population meanwhile Africa has two Oceans Indian Ocean in north part  and Atlantic ocean to the west   also red sea and sues canal in horn of Africa  and Mediterranean see  to the north : Africa located very strategic location in geopolitics , economic since most of commerce are a crossed in these seas along with Africa is very rich in natural resources , I called the continent of raw materials , but one of least developed continents in the globe , Politically Africa is week since it doesn’t’ make that much effect  of global political powers major effect is Africa long term of colonial European states ;  even today is Africa is free continent ? These questions most of African scholars argue that Africa in under new colonial in other words under-multiple of colonials, during colonization each African states was in hands of European, that states was colonizing but many states are colonizing in multiple dimension, such as economical colonization, political colonization, environmental colonization most dangerous one is psychological colonization further Africa is the only continent that haven’t have Veto power.

Environmentally Africa is green continent and have best environment because Africa is not industrialized continent, there is limit of west product particularly in nuclear west, air pollutions, being realistic Africa is clear internally but the international community are violating Africa Environment   , like producing low quality electronics, bring industrial west products in seas of Africa , of course illiteracy of African people and low socio economic  will affect the environment .

If I conclude as un introduction part , Africa Post-colonial , Colonial and pre-colonial areas are completely different in economical , political  and social structures because the haves of the global changes effect the African Society.


United States of Africa was a dream for most of Pan-Africanism because they want unity , the question is , is it possible  Africa to unite ?  In simple answer it is an empty dream because of the following reasons.

  • The territories  that  colonization made : most of African states  have the region of conflict based on the border line , these conflict  is unsolvable until remapping of Africa happen .
  • Africa is different in religions : African has many religions like Islam , Christianity and African Traditional Religion mostly of course there are many other religions  but the major one ,  thus these religious metamorphosis made impossible to unite African for the reason that there were historical hostility among African  based on religion
  • Difference in Ethnicity : African has more the 2000 Ethic Groups which are different in culture , norms and believes , according to Central Intelligence Agency (CIA ) African ethnic groups are divided in to these :

Central Africa[

Horn of Africa

North Africa

Southeast Africa

Southern Africa

West Africa

So a continent with this huge difference in both cultural, Religion and Ethnic groups and have aggression history among Africans, their unity will take time. So this time it is better to think about development of African society rather than unity.

Nasra Daahir Mahamed

27th May 2016

N.B” Change didn’t come one night but its longtime dream , so think big you will get possibility to success “