Horizon Institute Calls for an Independent Investigation into the Hargeisa Orphanage Rape Case

When There Is No Accountability Children Suffer

Horizon Institute Calls for an Independent Investigation into the Hargeisa Orphanage Rape Case


Hargeisa, Somaliland


25 June 2020

Publicity about the alleged rape of a young girl at Hargeisa Orphanage, who subsequently became pregnant, has recently attracted considerable publicity. Horizon Institute has worked extensively on this case and welcomes the public debate generated by the TV report aired on 20 June 2020 by Horn Cable Television.


The circumstances warrant wide-ranging public scrutiny because they highlight the impact on individuals, families and institutions when there is no accountability in public institutions. The story of what has happened to Awo and her family, and to the children accused of the rape without due process, is a sorry catalogue of injustice upon injustice, violation of the laws and Constitution of Somaliland, abdication of responsibility, misuse of power and a stark illustration of lack of accountability within a number of government institutions.


Horizon is calling for an independent investigation into this case. The young girl at the centre of it all, whose well-being and health have been disregarded by the Orphanage, deserves justice for the violence she has endured. And the young boys, who live at the Orphanage and have been arrested, need protection from a hasty investigation. At the end of the day, it is adults who have failed these children. It is adults who have not provided them with the care and protection they need. It is adults who are to blame for a young girl being raped and the detention of six young boys in a CID holding cell. This is not what children deserve. Click here to view the full document Horizon_Institute_Calls_for_an_Independent_Investigation_into_the_Hargeisa_

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