Resumption of the dialogue between Somalia and Somaliland: Call for a huge contemplation (By: Ainaan Farah Ainaan)

The dialogue between Somalia and Somaliland carrying with the contest which both are willing to a divergent road to making revamp matter, in order to achieve success result with satisfied both sides.
The dialogue seems impromptu to swerving and cessation issue, rather than to take the way of preferential and emulate to reach the fruitful product of the dialogue.
Let us review the history in a context meaning about the amalgamation of two sides.
On June 26, 1960, it was the independence day of Somaliland, which was under control the British Protectorate, but the resulting state of Somaliland was short- lived. On Jully 1, it combined with Somalia on the someday the Italian colony gained its independence to made the formation of Somali Republic. The amalgamation of the north and the south was the result of a nationalist fever in the north.
For the sake of that reason, there was no an acting of union between two sides. But there was a very deeply fever sensitive of patriotic pushing forward for the northern part and there were possible fear clashes with Ethiopians. In addition to seeking great Somalia.
The absence of an acting of union could have bring the southern rattled of five conditions : the president is one, and it is going to be ours; The prime minister is one, and it is going to be ours; the capital is one, and it is going to be ours; the currency is one, and it is going to be ours; the flag is one, and it is going to be ours;
Just Somalia and Somaliland stand under the same shadow.
No doubt, both are on the road to establishing the environment of dialogue, because The glass is half-full, not half-empty.
Somalia and Somaliland should bury their differences and joining their hearts to stay as a one or splits into two as they were before in 1960.
As we were all aware, Somaliland claimed to return its own independence from Somalia since 1991, even though a single nation officially not recognized yet.
But its relatively stable and peace almost 30 years, as a compared with other Somalia.
The neighborhood countries like Ethiopia, Kenya Djibouti and other nations of the world and the international community were trying to restore the peace and stability for Somalia.
Before Siilanyo administration Somaliland never to attended the international conference concerned with Somalia, even though there were several individual members claimed representative to Somaliland but the administration of Somaliland denied that claim.
The former Somaliland President Siilayo said London’s Somalia Conference does not recognize Somaliland-we cannot go.
I wish the conference well, but we can not attend an event that ignores our history and our reality.
But, the strategic dialogue was first proposed by the British government during a conference on Somalia held in London on 23 February 2012. The final communique has recognized the need for negotiations between Hargeisa and Mogadishu in order to clarify their future relations.
The British government said it was offering its mediation services and an attempt to officially get the two sides to the negotiation table for the first time in two decades.
In Dubai, on June 28, 2012, president Siilanyo met with then- TFG president Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, and signed a softly worded communique to be followed by the April 13, 2013, the agreement signed in Ankara that slightly built on the progress of the Dubai agreement.
The government of Somalia and administration of Somaliland met behind closed doors in Djibouti under the mediation of Djiboutian president Ismail Omer Guelleh.
The two parties held separate meetings with Guelleh in Djibouti, during which Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud met briefly with the president of the Somaliland administration Ahmed Siilanyo.
The talks are the second of such wide-ranging negotiations after the two leaders met before in Ankara, where a dialogue process kicked off.
In a communique that followed their Ankara meeting, the two sides pledged to share, agree with and ratified into varies points to work as a mutual side such as peace and security, piracy and terrorist, air aviation control, west toxic, dumping to the sea and illegal fishing.
The new changes of Geopolitics in East Africa and the process, procedures focus on to achieve political stability and economic development in the region seem to first as an astounding matter but finally, it happens.
Building the foundations of renewed trust between Somaliland and Somalia through in dialogue are a sign of hope, desire, and triumph for both sides.
However, nearly time there is a news from the some of the senior officers of the Somali Federal Republic mentioned the international news agency that the President Farmajo will come to Hargeisa the capital of Somaliland.
Leaders of both sides should have come up with a vision and its the time to turn the former way of dialogue because the final is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice.
To set a strategic method of dialogue for both sides need always follow the path of truth and lying will only get them to lose. Planned moments are always better than unplanned ones. It is an important to become with some table and negotiate with deeply for both sides will be determined the final conclusion.
It is important to build a positive and strong dialogue between the two sides to the reunion or to split into two parties like the Adisababa and Asmara model or Khartoum and Juba model.
Freelance writer, Ainaan Farah Ainaan.
Borama Somaliland.