Terms of Reference for Vocational Skills Training Program for 135 youth in Hargeisa


  1. Background

2.1. Description of the Project

The aim of the project is to strengthen the realization of basic human rights and employment within the target groups as well as to develop and support professional youth work done with marginalized youth. As the previous project, Mustaqbaldoon II continues to focus on supporting processes the youth need to learn out of their unhealthy coping strategies and to learn new, positive survival strategies. These strategies enable the youth to be successful employees and manage their own lives independently.

The project will also continue to develop the model of on-job learning so that it targets employment or entrepreneurship. Mustaqbaldoon II is focusing on youth from IDPs, PwDs, single mothers, and, if possible, homeless people and prisoners in and outside Hargeisa. DF and its partner organization, Somaliland Y-PEER continue mutual capacity sharing. A feasibility study will be conducted at the beginning of the project to map potential target groups and the best possibilities to support them through the project.

  1. Objectives

The main objectives of the Vocational Skills Training Program are as follows:

  1. To equip participants with practical skills and knowledge in plumbing, tailoring, graphic design, and makeup and henna.
  2. To enhance participants’ employability and entrepreneurship skills.
  3. To facilitate participants’ transition into the job market or self-employment opportunities.
  4. To promote gender equality and inclusivity in vocational training.
  1. Scope of Work

The Vocational Skills Training Program will focus on the following vocational areas:

  1. Plumbing: Basic plumbing skills, pipe fitting, repair and maintenance, installation techniques, and safety practices.
  2. Tailoring: Sewing techniques, pattern making, garment construction, fabric cutting, and machine operation.
  3. Graphic Design: Fundamentals of graphic design, software proficiency (e.g., Adobe Creative Suite), branding, typography, and layout design.
  4. Makeup and Henna: Makeup application techniques, skin analysis, color theory, henna design, and client consultation.
Name of the training Duration Qty
Pluming 3 Months 30
Tailoring 3 Months 35
Graphic Design 3 Months 35
Make up and Henna 3 Months 35
  1. Responsibilities of Somaliland Y-PEER and the Training Center

3.1 Training Center Responsibilities

The selected training center is responsible for:

  • Hiring professional trainers specifically for beautification, plumbing, graphic design, and tailoring training.
  • Conducting a pre-training evaluation to assess the trainees’ existing skill levels.
  • Developing a comprehensive course outline tailored to the beautification, plumbing, graphic design, and tailoring training.
  • Procuring all necessary training materials for the program.
  • Conducting the training over a period of three months, including theoretical and practical sessions.
  • Maintaining daily attendance records.
  • Conducting post-training evaluations to measure the impact of the program.
  • Awarding certificates to participants upon satisfactory completion of the course. 

3.2 Somaliland Y-PEER Responsibilities 

Somaliland Y-PEER will:

  • Cover the tuition fees or attendance costs for the three-month course.
  • Monitor the progress of the training, evaluate the performance of trainees, and ensure the achievement of course objectives. 
  1. Timeframe

The training program is scheduled to run for three months for a five days a week (Saturday – Wednesday), commencing from between September 5th – and December 20th 2023.

  1. Deliverables

Upon completion of the training program:

  • 135 trainees are expected to successfully complete the three-month intensive beautification, plumbing, graphic design and tailoring course.
  1. Participants will receive certificates of participation for the respective vocational skills.


  1. Trainee’s Profile 
  • The program targets 135 youth from Hargeisa most vulnerable communities.
  1. Skills and Qualifications

The selected training center should:

  • Demonstrate relevant training experience for the instructors.
  • Possess all necessary machines and tools required for beautification, plumbing, graphic design and tailoring training and ensuring practical sessions are effectively conducted.
  1. How to Apply

If you are interested in providing this training, please kindly submit your quotation to Y-PEER Office Hargeisa, for separation quotation for each training.

Submit your Quotation on or before below deadline in the table for each training.

Name of the training Closing date
Pluming 4th September 2023 @2:30 Pm
Tailoring 10th September 2023 @2:30Pm
Graphic Design 10th September 2023 @2:30Pm
Make up and Henna 2nd September 2023 @2:30Pm


If you find it difficult, please call 063 343 1199 or send WhatsApp message on 063 343 1199