The road safety awareness campaign Hargeisa-Kalabaydh was launched today in Hargeisa


The event was to educate the community on the dangers of accidents while also educating them on the maintenance of paved roads including the Hargeisa – Kalabaydh highway until extensive repairs have been made.

The meeting was organized by Somaliland Y-PEER in collaboration with Road Development Authority, Ministry of Transport and Road Development, and GIZ with finanincial support from German Corporation and European Union.

RDA and GIZ are currently working jointly on implementing the new national road standards during the rehabilitation of the Hargeisa – Kalabydh highway. All these improvements however come also with additional risks. Better road conditions are likely to result in higher speed, reckless driving and overloaded vehicles. Somaliland has a legal framework that responds to those risks.

Launching event was attended by members of the Government officials, Traditional leaders, transportation companies, drivers, youth and CSO.

Firstly, the event was addressed by Somaliland Y-PEER Executive Director Mohamed Mahad Dama who explained the program and its purpose.

GIZ Project Manager Christoph Schmidt at the event also highlighted the importance of this campaign and mentioned the key activities that the campaign will deliver.

“Over the next three months, RDA in close cooperation with the local NGO Y-PEER will go
to communities, schools and other public places to provide knowledge about safe traffic
behavior and traffic rules. They will use drama, social media, radio and TV to transmit
lifesaving messages all over Somaliland. We are looking forward to successful
implementation and encourage all people of Somaliland to stick to the law and to be safe
in traffic.” Said by Christoph Schmidt.

“The problems caused by accidents include the whole family disappearing and no one is left.” Said Ahmed Yusuf Mohamed Director General of Somaliland Road Development Agency.