An Open Letter to the Ethiopian Prime Minster Abi Ahmed (By: Saeed Mohamoud Gahair)

An Open Letter to the Ethiopian Prime Minster Abi Ahmed
Date: 17th February 2020

Subject: Somaliland and Somalia Can Decide On Their Will through the Ongoing Bilateral Talks

Ethiopian Prime Minster H.EAbbiy Ahmed
First, accept my greetings and congratulations to your winning of the Nobel Peace Prize for the last year. On behalf of the people living in the Horn Of Africa, it is common to honor to achieve this honorary award.

The sender of this letter is Saeed Mohamoud Gahair: writer, postmen, social and political activist living in Somaliland’s capital city of Hargeisa neighboring Ethiopia from east.
Your ethnic Oromian communities have been complaining about discrimination since I was born. Ngaio Ghedada has been the last person to know before you came to authority in 2016. You were elected to keep the unity of your Ethiopian people and to keep the sovereignty of your nation. The only thing you can decide is about what concerns your country, but interesting about the fate of another independent nation is a clear great mistake. It is shameful to try suppressing the wish of millions of people as you are victim against the suppression of the former Ethiopian regime.

Delegates from Somaliland and Somalia met in your office for the former weeks who where Somaliland’s President Mr. Muse Behi Abdi and the President of Somalia Mohammed Abdilahi Mohamed (Farmajo), we heard that you requested to come to Somaliland with the Somalia president on the coming days. It is the second time to hear such a request which is completely unacceptable. We kindly suggest you forget all about it. Your proposal was rejected with “No”.

There were talks between Somaliland and Somalia for the last eight years that were intended to solve the argument between the two nations. We expect them to result in an outcome that will be signed together by the leaders of the two sides. The international community including you may act as a mediator who facilitates maintaining the conversation but they are not the shareholders of the discussion.

Due to the struggle against human rights, dictatorship and massacre in Somalia I have been a refugee living in Ethiopian camps where I joined my first school in 1993 and went back to my land after the freedom and the stability of our nation. The civilians are again ready to defend their state with whatever costs, our hopes can’t be turned to zero again.

Somaliland’s President Mr. Muse Behi Abdi was elected to rule the country with the law and order. The constitution of the country which was voted by the public o 31st May 2001 points out the flag, border, and nationhood of the country. Any illegal attempt can cause chaos, demonstrations, and conflict between the population and the incumbent government. The fate of the people can’t be misled by any person, party, council or a small group of politicians. The people are the ultimate power of the republic.

If I remind you about the past when the President of Somalia Mohammed Abdilahi Mohamed (Farmajo) was traveling to the USA in the last decades of the previous century, I have been donating my food grams to SNM fighters and was displaced by the civilian bombings that caused the destruction of my cities and property. The killings of 50,000 can’t be justified in two minutes of speech. Any step will force me to act as Jawhar Mohammed who caused you to come on power. My motherland is not like Badame.
There are many duties waiting for you as the prime minister of Ethiopia including:

1. Holding the elections
2. Re-uniting your societies
3. Stopping the bloodshed that is going in some parts of Ethiopia
4. Creating jobs for the Immigrants who are continuously crossing from your borders and seeking better lives from Saudi Arabia
Finally, my voice represents the hidden ideas of the millions of Somaliland people. I think that you will understand the desire of my population.

Thank you
Saeed Mohamoud Gahair