CSOs press statement about the arrest of the human right center chairman

Press Release

Members of Civil Society have made concern on the arrest against the Chair of the “Human Rights Center” Mr. Guled Ahmed Jama who was caught by the Police on 18th April 2015 while he was performing his normal services as a lawyer. Guled was arrested on the order given by the Chair of MaroodiJeex regional Court of Hargeisa.

His arrest was after 2 days of Guled’s interview with the BBC, in his interview to the BBC. Mr. Guled pointed his view on the management of cases received at the Courts. He added the need to strengthen the capacity of Courts and other law enforcement institutions.

The lawyer’s interview with BBC and the execution of death penalties coincided on the same day, however, the lawyer never had any intention to oppose penalties established by the Shari’a, and as well Civil Society comply with the Shari’a.

The office of the Attorney General had number of accusations against Guled , this include crime against the State, producing and publication of untrue information, the Lawyer was also accused running Human Rights institution not registered in the Country.

A part from all these accusations, Guled is the custody of Hargeisa prison for 19 days from the date of his arrest. There is no allegation of criminal offences submitted to the competent Court against Guled’s arrest.

The arrest against Guled is extended without trail, is against the Rights of Citizens promised in the Somaliland Constitution, the length of roman is also against the applicable judicial laws, which all reflects negative image from the principles of accessing equitable justice.

Civil Society here to appeal to the Government and the judicial institutions to immediately release Mr. Guled Ahmed from the prison where he was deprived of his liberty for 19 days, of which Guled had the right to be brought before a court within 48 (forty eight) hours of his arrest.

Civil Society made adequate investigation before they come to the conclusion of this press release. On the other hand, CSOs have also announced today a Human Rights Working Group that will pursue to create enabling environment and better coordination of the human rights issues in Somaliland.


Mohamed Ahmed Mohamoud

Executive Director