CSOs welcome consensus agreement reached by three political parties (Press release)

The Somaliland Non- State Actors Forum (SONSAF) in collaboration with its wider members has been working on how to defuse tensions of political dispute over the extension of the elections timeframe made by the Guurti, the CSOs demanded from all parties to resolve this dispute in a manner that all parties convinced through compromise and political consensus over the timeframe of the elections.

The CSOs of Somaliland were dedicated and adequately studied the bottom line of the dispute between ruling party and opposition parties and advocating a political solutions endorsed by all parties. Therefore, it was for this reason that the CSOs of Somaliland mobilized a larger group of mediators and pressure groups, during this political tension, which CSOs approached various stakeholders and generated options for durable solution.

Moreover, the CSOs of Somaliland welcomed political agreement reached by the three Political Parties and the Government of Somaliland. CSOs are strongly acknowledging this agreement reached by political parties that has resolved the timeframe of the elections dispute. Hence, the CSOs are appealing to Somaliland House of Elders (Guurti) to consider and legitimize this political agreement reached by the three political parties with consent of the government and review their previous decision of the extension of the mandate of the President and Parliament.

Finally, the CSOs of Somaliland are encouraging the National Electoral Commission to accelerate the process of the elections preparations and the CSOs also are reaffirming their appeal to the international community to intensify its generous assistance provided to Somaliland elections both financially and technically. The CSOs of Somaliland are very delighted to congratulate to the Government of Somaliland and political parties for their political agreement that ended recent political dispute.

Mohamed Ahmed Mohamoud

Executive Director