President Siilaanyo participates in the commemoration of World AIDS Day


Somaliland National AIDS Commision along with UN partners including UNICEF, UNFPA, IOM and UNAIDS commemorated World AIDS Day “WAD” 2015 in Somaliand.  The President of Somaliland Ahmed M. Mohamoud “Siilaanyo” along with numerous ministers participated in the event which took place at Maansoor Hotel Hargeisa.

President’s speech at the event reads:

In the name of God the Most Benevolent, the Most Magnificent

(Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem)

Ladies and Gentlemen;
Every year this day, like any other nation, we come together to commemorate and re-evaluate what we have achieved and what is still pending that we ought to do in the fight against HIV/AIDs. Our nation of Somaliland is in solidarity with the rest of the International Community in the fight against this dangerous communicable disease.

Over two years ago on the 25th of August 2013 at the National HIV/AIDs Commission Headquarters I declared my personal determination as the Head of State in being precisely convicted to the total control of the disease such that its epidemic could not spread fatally any further to a severe degree.

Ladies and Gentlemen; Today, the 1st of December 2015, it is a day that I am very pleased to share with you the news of good tidings as concerns the state of affairs about HIV/AIDs infection rate in our country. The infection rate of HIV/AIDs has obviously dropped in Somaliland from nearly on the edge of the second level to the first degree. Thus, two years ago it was 1.1% and now it has dropped to 0.6 percent, a huge drop that translates to 54.6%. I hereby note that the high drop of the infection especially has been noted and reflected well throughout the whole nation.


Ladies and gentlemen; I take this opportunity to thank particularly and at the same time hail the Mayor of Berbera City Abdishakur Mohamed Hassan and other Mayors and associated administrators who have impressively done a lot of efforts by collaborating quite well with the HIV/AIDs National Commission in the good task of fighting against this dangerous disease. They have given a lot of support to the people living with HIV/AIDs in country-wide. I call upon the general emulation of the efforts and at the same time appeal for the rendering greater of further efforts in this regards of fighting against the disease.

Apart from the efforts of my government through the HIV/AIDs Commission, whose prerogatives I’m specifically charged with as the President of the Republic, it is with God’s blessings that the marked drop in the infection rate has occurred. Despite the fact that news is one of great happiness to be cherished but still there is no room for complacency. We should not be assumed that the threat of the disease has either lessened, (disappeared) or not there at all. This is because there are hundreds of Somalilanders who are HIV carriers whereas they do not know about it.
The way to control this situation is for all of us to screen ourselves voluntarily hence be able to acquire anti-retro-viral drugs if need be before the disease becomes fully blown AIDs.


Siilaanyo AIDS Day 5

Ladies and Gentlemen; presently the target that the International Community is focused on is to completely control (rogue out) the HIV/AIDs, if God wills, by 2030. In order for that target to be achieved therefore, it is imperative for us:

1) To have 90% of those carriers who do not know that they are infected with the disease to voluntarily test themselves;

2) To have 90% of those living with the disease to take the appropriate drugs in time; and

3) To bring down by 90% the rate of new infections every year hence drastically reduce the disease.

By reaching this target therefore it is obligatory upon each and everyone in our midst to undergo the test; undergoing the test is free. Thus the screening process (undergoing the test) should be the rallying-cry -“catch-phrase”- until the disease is fully controlled.

Ladies and Gentlemen; I hereby humbly pledge, with God’s help, to continue striving by exerting further efforts in collaboration with all expert Somalilanders within the country and abroad, and all expatriates towards the control of this disease in one hand. On the other hand we should be all vehemently prepared to eradicate the major causes of this disease with root and branch.

On the same note, I appeal to the agencies tasked with this matter (line-agencies) to render any support that they are capable of hence aid the National HIV/Aids Commission in the efforts of completely controlling the disease in the Republic of Somaliland.

Praise be to God
Long Live! The Republic of Somaliland
Released by the Presidential Spokesman:
Hussein Adan Igeh (Hussein Deyr)