Somaliland mass media blames Telesom Company on devolving their role (By Gulaid Mohammed Yassin “Dalha”)

After a well-arranged meeting held at Maansoor, the mass media of Somaliland profoundly discussed on the influence of telecommunication companies on the mass media. It was particularly analyzed the negative impact of Telesom company on the social media existing in Somaliland. The mass media strongly blamed Telesom on devolving the task of the media and losing the conditions for a better feasibility to be available. “Telesom Company offers their mobile subscribers illegal services.”a journalist said.

Joint statement

We have held this meeting to discuss and reiterate the persistent negative influence of telecommunicating companies generally and Telesom Company particularly. This problem has been in existence for a long time but these days the influence is staggeringly disgusting, its negativity goes even worse, and the company no longer obeys to the national laws. Currently, Telesom is no longer a communication company. Instead it is part of the daily media that is issued across the country. In accordance with the previous decisions the Ministry of Information, Culture and National Guidance, we have reached the following decisions:

  1. Mass media must reiterate their unity against this issue and must review the collaboration with Telesom.
  2. Mass media must prove that they will no longer tolerate for the job to be devolved.
  3. Mass media must appoint a new committee to strongly react the issue pertaining Telesom and to put forward the complaints to the appropriate institution that can tackle with the task. The media has the right to take legal measures if necessary.
  4. And lastly, all citizens are allowed to display their complaints through media.


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Many other website editors were on the spot to express their  thoughts and decisions.  Telesom is one of the largest firms that operate in Somaliland. About 90% of the subscribers are controlled by Telesom Company. The remaining 10% is shared between the other telecommunicating companies. Although the number of users is staggering, their clients are regularly putting forward too many complaints including the extravagant services they offer.

By Gulaid Mohammed Yassin (Dalha)

The Editor In Chief of ‘The Independent Post Newspaper’