What Does Mean the Educational reform? (By: Mohamed Calculus)

Educational reform is an idea, reform movement and process that intended to change all the structure of ministry of education, curriculum, teacher attitudes, student-teacher relationship, type among of teacher relationship, content learning, arrangement of subjects, classroom management’s, aspects school management, embedded curriculum, strategic planning and policies of ministry of education.

Educational reform established recruitment of teachers, students centered pedagogy, type of assessments, evaluation of obstacles from previous cultural knowledge and performance learning styles of teaching and learning.

the reform of the educational system takes to account an entire learning environment and to engage dual responsibility of critical and continuous analysis to our organizations and to inform teachers basis from negative issues and to transformed all children equal opportunity to achieve the highest standard of education and benchmarks standard level.

the system of educational reform and ministry of education and science in Somaliland, it was declining the last 18 years, and it may be shut down and collapse the next coming future.

According to many empirical evidences such poor performance of teaching, learning materials, poor curriculum, poor salary of teachers, inappropriate holding position offices, inequality of justice, rate of “drop out” educators from education sectors, poor handling, lack of activities of supervision, poor curriculum in terms of philosophy, historical, psychological, absent of different teaching leading approach, lack of human resources and non human resources.

the education reform focus on 5M including in materials, man, machinery, money and management, however, the ministry of education and science still is not updating the ways of addressing assessing, evaluating, implementing , and reliable assessments to targeting or focusing the challenges from socially, culturally, socio-,economic status and economic contexts to avoid the negative biases from every side and environmental impact’s of learning.

finally, the ministry of education and science is not to prepare the challenges, obligations, obstacles, rhyming, and arrangements of poor leadership to reach sustainable development goals of education.

thank you

Mohamed Calculus